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Academic Achievement

Our Goal:  Florence Unified School District shall have the highest quality teachers who will have a direct, positive impact on student achievement and growth.
Dr. Kelly Smith - Director of Curriculum and Instruction  
Oversees all department responsibilities
Curriculum – Beyond Textbooks; any curricular needs
Instruction – implementing Common Core State Standards; AMP
Professional Development – NTI, district days and other site needs
TAP – master/mentor teachers; leadership and cluster meetings
Maribel Lopez - Director of Research Development and Data
Professional Development – Research, training and implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) at FK8
Data – AIMS, Stanford 10, Benchmarks, EXPLORE and ACT
Data Team meetings – site needs
Benchmark Assessments/Galileo District Representative
ALEKS District Representative
Professional Development – to support NTI, and other site needs
Mary Grant - Director of Federal Programs and English Acquisition
Title I – Support schools through the policy, procedures, documents,  budget of TI and interventions through K-3 Reading Specialists
School and LEA Improvement Plans and other ALEAT compliance documents
English Acquisition
        Support schools and ELL teachers with policy, procedures, assessments and OCR
        Organizes responses to Office for Civil Rights for District
Department Personnel:  Kandi Martinez – ELL Secretary/Data Clerk (PHLOTES, ILLP, AZELLA, files);  Lillianna Falberg – District Translator
Professional Development – to support schools in any of the above
Other – McKinney Vento, 301 Committee, Scientific Learning, DIBELS, Move on When Reading
Craig Rudko Director of Technology and Curricular Innovation
Classroom technology training for teachers
Escalation technical support for all schools
Site Technology Specialists at both high schools
Software installation and support
Network and Phone support
Server Installation and support
Contact Information:
Kelly Smith
Office: 520-866-3527
Cell: 520-252-7876
Maribel Lopez
Office: 520-866-3500 x2267
Cell: 520-280-3452
Mary Grant
Office: 520-866-3500 x2266
Cell: 520-280-1230
Craig Rudko
Office: 520-866-3578
Cell: 520-251-1399