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Transportation Tips and Other Information

                                                                                Start of School Suggestions  

1. Attend Meet the Teacher Night at your child’s school for specific route information by clicking here. You will receive bus route information via email or on our school/district websites.

2. Make sure your child knows his/her name and address. If not write the information in their backpack.

3. Familiarize your child with his/her bus stop before the first day of school.

4. Make sure your child recognizes his/her route number.

5. ***Kindergarten Student Bus Riders*** - All kindergarten students need a tag on their backpack for the whole year that says the following:
  • Student name (example: Jane Doe)
  • Bus/Route Number (example: FK8 03)
  • Bus Stop Information (Hunt Hwy./Gary Rd.)

                                                                    For Parents

* Review safety tips with your child regularly. 

* Team with other parents to get involved and monitor bus stops. Voice concerns to Transportation immediately.

* Get to know your district Transportation Coordinator and your child’s bus driver. These are trained professionals who see your child every day