District Administration

Unified School District #1
1000 S. Main St. | Florence, AZ 85132
P:(520)866-3500 |  F:(520)868-2302

Florence Unified School District

District Administration


    Mr. Chris Knutsen, M.Ed
    Title: Superintendent
    Phone: (520)866-3500
    E-mail: cknutsen@fusdaz.org


    Mr. Tony Jimenez, M.Ed
    Title: Assistant Superintendent
    Phone: (520)866-3500
    E-mail: tjimenez@fusdaz.org


    Mr. Adam Leckie, M.Ed

    Title: Assistant Superintendent
    Phone: (520)866-3500
    E-mail: aleckie@fusdaz.org


    Ms. Beverly Myers
    Title: Director of Finance
    Phone: (520)866-3500

    E-mail: bmyers@fusdaz.org


    Mr. Richard Franco, M.Ed
    Title: Director of Public Relations
    Phone: (520)866-3532
    E-mail: rfranco@fusdaz.org

    Dr. Kelly Smith
    Title: Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Phone: (520)866-3527
    E-mail: kasmith@fusdaz.org

    Dr. Maribel Lopez
    Title: Director of Research Development and Data
    Phone: (520)888-7592
    E-mail: malopez@fusdaz.org

    Mr. Craig Rudko
    Title: Director of Technology and Curricular Innovation
    Phone: (520)866-3578
    E-mail: car@fusdaz.org


    Mrs. Mary Grant, M.Ed
    Title: Director of Federal Programs and English Acquisition
    Phone: (520)888-7591
    E-mail: mgrant@fusdaz.org


    Mrs. Sheaba Granillo
    Title: Cafeteria Director
    Phone: (520)866-3531
    E-mail: sgranillo@fusdaz.org

    Mr. Mark Lamas
    Title: Director of Transportation and Support Services
    Phone: (520)866-8800
    E-mail: mlamas@fusdaz.org