• to what should serve as a positive and exciting experience for your son.

    High school football should be a positive and memorable experience for all involved. Coaches’ goals are to provide players the opportunity to be the best student/athletes they can become.  We intend to teach the game of football, instill discipline, encourage classroom success, prepare players through weight training and off-season conditioning, and build UNITY through hard work and commitment to a common goal of a successful football season.

    In order to be successful, everyone involved should realize that an attitude of gratitude and trust is a must. Very few things in life worthwhile come easily. Our motto revolves around everyone making a great effort to get better every day for the good of the TEAM. A player’s level of improvement is directly related to the amount of effort put forth in each activity the team undertakes. We, as coaches, expect players to give great effort in everything we instruct players to do. While expecting great effort from players, coaches expect great effort from each other as well. It would be unfair for the coaches to expect more of a player than the coach is willing to give himself. In order for all to understand their role, everyone involved should realize the concept of "Team Before Self".

    Coaches will show a genuine interest in the well-being and concerns of each player as an individual, however; coaches, players, parents and administrators cannot put their interests before the teams’ best interest. As coaches, we will emphasize the importance of player accountability. It is expected that players will be individually responsible for their actions and day-to-day choices. Everyone should remember, "Playing football is a privilege, not a right". There is no room for special privileges on a team. Everyone is expected to abide by the same standards and serve the same punishment when they do not. In the event an individual player becomes a hindrance to the teams’ goals, that player will be removed.

     The STF Football Program demands a lot of time from our student athletes and we do not tolerate absences or lateness for our practices, games or other scheduled events. There is a lot to learn in a relatively short amount of time so perfect attendance helps both the player and the team. Parents, we need you to support us in this effort and make sure that your son is available for the scheduled practices, games and other events such as teambuilding and fundraising. Thank you for allowing your son to be a part of our program. Together we will have a lot of fun while working hard towards our goals.

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