3rd Grade Supply List 2021-2022

  • Each student will need the following supplies for third grade (please label items with student name):

    4 wide ruled spiral notebooks (70-100 pages)
    4 poly folders (vinyl) with prongs (different colors) These are sturdy and should last all year.
    crayons (2 boxes of 24 or 36)
    colored pencils (2 boxes of 12)
    dry erase markers (4 dark colors)
    highlighters (4 different light colors)
    red ink pens (2)
    large glue sticks
    1 pair student sized scissors – rounded not pointed
    1 basic plastic pencil box
    2 packages yellow #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils please)
    clipboard with low profile clip
    1 pack of pencil top erasers
    disinfecting wipes
    re-useable water bottle
    mouse for the computer (optional, but will help your child with testing/activities on the computer)
    headphones (optional, but will help your child with testing/activities on the computer)

    In addition, the following items are needed to be used by the whole class and are used rather quickly. If you are able to donate several packages of each, that would be great.

    pencils (#2 wooden) NO MECHANICAL PENCILS PLEASE
    disinfecting wipes
    large glue sticks
    hand sanitizer

    Other items needed for classroom use are:

    washable markers
    white copy paper
    small index cards
    sandwich Ziploc Bags
    white card stock                                

    These are the basic supplies needed for third grade. Thank you for your help in donating these things to the classroom. A classroom specific list will be handed out at the beginning of the school year by your teacher. We look forward to meeting you and working with your child next year. Have a great summer!

    The Third Grade Team