Wit & Wisdom

  • Wit & Wisdom curriculum considers content, craft, and complexity.  Students learn about the world by reading texts that share essential scientific, historical or literary content—and that are rich in content-area and academic vocabulary, which is often abstract with multiple meanings. When students master this vocabulary, they build knowledge that applies to their study of additional subjects and supports their comprehension of increasingly more complex texts. Wit & Wisdom uses well-crafted texts with rich and imaginative language to inspire our students while using rigor and selecting challenging, grade-level works.

Builds Knowledge

  • Every module, in each grade, focuses on a topic essentials for building background knowledge, vocabulary, and writing skills. Whether students are learning about the seasons, the American Revolution, or space exploration they are exposed to works of literature, informational text, and art of the highest quality. Essential topics strategically reoccur, empowering students to deepen understanding of core knowledge across grades K—8.

Grade K

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Grade 5