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    San Tan Foothills Cross Country is open to all athletes who want to get in shape for your up-and-coming sport. Whether you are going for soccer, wrestling, basketball, baseball, or softball, we are going to get you in shape, make you more competitive, marketable for colleges to offer scholarships and make you better athletes. We will work on endurance, pacing, speed, strength, hill running and teamwork.

    Mission statement: At STFHS, our XC program mission is to provide the best possible environment for learning and growing. To support what is best for each athlete in their academic success, in and out of the classroom. Athletes may not have the best running times, but this is about being a team and developing those skills.

    Goal: Is to develop unity and accountability among teammates. We want to see a team that has bonded around a common purpose and vision. 

    Core Values:

    1. Commitment to TEAM above all else. Make decisions that give the STFHS Cross Country Team the best chance of success.
    2. Practice self-discipline and determination. We will complete every workout, as prescribed, from beginning to end. We will have a plan to continually improve and will follow that plan without fail.
    3. “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” - Jerry Rice
    4. Recognize that hard work beats talent. We will not always have the most talented team. But we will always have the hardest working team. We recognize that talent without hard work is useless.
    5. Win with humility. A humble athlete wins like they're used to it. We will be thankful for all that we have been blessed with. Losing is taken with grace and equal humility. The lessons we learn from both victory and defeat will be applied in our next race.
    6. Set measurable and challenging goals. We will set goals that challenge our limits. We will have a measurable plan to achieve those goals. We will follow the plan to accomplish those goals.