Virtual Learning FAQs

  • If we choose FVA learning, will our children continue with the classes they have now or have to choose something else? Can we return to in person classes for the second semester if we think it's safe?

    • If you choose FVA for your child and they are in Kindergarten through 5th grade they will have a similar setup to their distance learning model that they have now.  The main difference is that they may have a new teacher.  6th through 12th grade students will have a teacher assigned to them also, although their main source of curriculum will be from Edgenuity, our Online Learning Management System. All students will have a daily schedule to follow with times to check in with their teacher. 
    • Yes, if in the second semester you feel it is safe for your child to return to the traditional classroom we can transfer them back to their home school.

    Will seniors still have early release or will their hours change in FVA? How do they know when a class will end and another begin?

    • All students in the Florence Virtual Academy High School program will have to have a minimum of four classes a day completing the minimum of 5 hours a day. The five hours can be put in any time of the day, though there will be scheduled times for the students to check in with their teacher. We will have examples of daily schedules that can be followed, but our high school students will have a bit more freedom for when they choose to complete their 5 hours a day. 
    • When they finish a class we will schedule a time for them to take their final exam while being proctored virtually by their teacher.  Once they take the exam and they have a passing grade the credit will be added to their transcript.  We will then meet with the student and assign them their next class.

    Can my 8th Grader and/or Senior still participate in promotion/graduation?
    Yes, as long as your student meets the requirements they are able to participate in promotion and graduation at their assigned 'homeschool.'

    Will FVA be an option all year and in future years?
    Yes, FVA will be an option all year and will remain the same (unless we make improvements) and as far as we can plan it will be an option for FUSD students from here out.

    Will assigned teachers be from their current school?
    Teachers will be allocated to FVA based upon student grade level/content area...your child’s FVA teacher might not be from their homeschool but they will be a high qualified district teacher.

    Will there be a part time option for FVA?
    No, students will need to be enrolled full time just as they would if they were enrolled in a traditional school.

    Can my student use the district issued device for FVA?
    Yes, students may keep the device that has already been issued at the beginning of the school year.

    If I choose online for my child can they still participate in extracurricular activities?
    Yes, activities such as sports, Student Council, ROTC, etc are available for online students. Students will be responsible for their own transportation during the times these activities meet.

    If my high school student is attending CAC or CAVIT for two of their classes is their transportation?
    Yes, transportation is still provided to and from CAC and CAVIT. Students will need to arrive at their home school to ride the bus to and from.

    What if my student is taking classes through AP/AB or a special program like ROTC, can they still participate even if they are online?
    Yes, there are programs and courses specific to each high school. Students who go online can attend some of these specialized classes/programs at the home school while doing the majority of their day online. It is strongly recommended to wear a face mask while on campus. Contact your specific campus for the eligible classes. Here is a list of classes online students can choose to attend at their home high school.

    • Co-taught classes for ESS students
    • Marching Band
    • ROTC
    • Driver’s Ed
    • Theater
    • IB Classes-FHS students
    • AP classes not available on Edgenuity
    • AVID
    • CTE Classes 
    • CAVIT
    • STEM
    • Student Council
    • Leadership class at FHS
    • ELL classes
    • Dance
    • LINK
    • Physics
    • Orchestra
    • Calculus AB & BC
    • Partner PE

    How does my student login to work?
    Students will be given a username and password to access Edgenuity.  Students will need to login to the Florence version of the program by using

    Will my student have access to a teacher to ask questions?
    Each student will be assigned a teacher that they will be able to communicate via phone, email, or video chat during assigned office hours.  Students can also schedule an in-person meeting or tutoring session.

    How much time does my student need to spend working online?
    Monday-Friday (5 days a week)

    • Kindergarten- at least two hours per day (minimum 120 minutes per day)
    • 1st-3rd Grade- at least four hour per day (minimum 240 minutes per day)
    • 4th- 6th Grade- at least 5 hours per day (minimum 300 minutes per day)
    • 7th/8th Grade- at least 6 hours per day (minimum 360 minutes per day)
    • 9th-12th Grade- at least 5 hours per day (minimum 300 minutes per day)

    How will FVA staff communicate with me and my student?
    The main method of communication will be through parent email and district issued student email.

    How will attendance be calculated?
    FVA staff receives a detailed report from Edgenuity.  The ontask minutes are extracted from that report and documented with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

    When does my student have to complete school work?
    FVA suggests that students complete the bulk of their work during normal school hours (7:30-3:30) to ensure that staff members are available to troubleshoot issues and answer questions.  However, Edgenuity will be available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday.

    What if my student fails to maintain the minimum requirement?
    Attendance is vital in ensuring that students do not fall behind on daily work and assignments.  If a student fails to maintain the minimum requirement of academic hours per school day by grade level we will conference with parent and student to set up a plan and determine eligibility in the FVA program.

    How many classes will my student be required to take?
    Your student will need to be enrolled in a minimum of 4 classes at all times (depending on grade level)