• How will laptops be distributed?
    Laptops will be distributed from the high school associated with the student's home school.

    How does my student logon to their new device?
    Students can log on to their device with the following credentials:
    - UserName = FirstInitial / LastInitial / StudentID
    - Password = Student’s birthdate backwards (yyyy / mm / dd)

    EXAMPLE: Jane Doe, who has a Student ID of 123456, and is born on January 29, 2003 would have the following logon credentials;
    User Name – jd123456
    Password – 20030129

    Will there be any fees assessed to my student's account for using a District device?
    Yes, the K-5 students are given a $12.50 fee for the first quarter. Additionally a $37.50 Online Learning fee will be added for each K-5 student in case they choose to remain at home after QTR 1.

    All students 6th
     thru 12th grades will be charged the $50 laptop feePLEASE NOTE: This fee is not subject to waivers.

    How am I able to pay for my student's fees?

    For your convenience, the Florence Unified School District No. 1 offers a free, secure electronic payment system for athletic fees, field trips, class fees and much more.  You may also contribute to the many extra-curricular activity (ECA) tax credit programs. To view the instructions for online payments please click here.

    How can I avoid having the usage fees?
    Students can, and are encouraged, to utilize our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Innitiative by using a personal device, if available to them. If a personal device is available, and will be used, the student needs to notify their home school they will be doing BYOD. The home school will then notify District that the student was not issued a District Chromebook and the usage fee, $12.50 for the first quarter for K-5 students and $50 for 6th thru 12th students, will be removed from the account. If something happens to the personal device being used, and nothing else is available, the student will need to obtain a District device and any applicable fees will be added to their account.

    If my student encounters any problems with their laptop what do they need to do?
    Initial support should be directed to their teacher

    Tutorials and How To's will be available on our FUSD website

    Parent/student help desk will be available for remote support

    Damaged device repair/swap will be at the high school tech centers by reservation only. Applicable fees will be applied to student accounts

    Is there a cheat-sheet available with links to sites my student will access or phone numbers I can call for assistance?
    Yes, simply CLICK HERE to view the sheet we have put together.