ESS Virtual Learning FAQs

  • My student has an IEP, can they participate in the virtual learning option?
    Yes, students with IEPs can participate in the distance learning option.  The IEP team will meet to make any necessary adjustments to your student’s current IEP. 

    If my child is in a self-contained classroom and I want them to participate in the virtual learning option, what would that look like for my child?
    Once a parent of a child on an IEP chooses the virtual learning option, determination as to what instruction will look like will be decided by the IEP team in a team meeting so that we can take into account a child’s individualized learning  needs and determine the specially designed instruction that will be necessary and who will provide it. 

    If my child is on an IEP and I choose the virtual learning option when the schools reopen, will the person providing IEP services be the same person it would be if my child were in school?
    We are unable to determine that at this time. The person providing services will be a certified teacher/therapist and students will continue to receive specially designed instruction as the IEP team determines is necessary.

    If we choose virtual learning, how will students who get speech therapy, reading intervention, math intervention get their services? 
    Virtual small groups with certified teachers and speech therapists via online platforms.  

    When schools reopen, will IEP/504 meetings be in-person?
    All IEP/504 meetings will continue to be held virtually.

    How is my ADHD child supposed to stay focused?
     If parents choose the virtual learning option, staff will collaborate with parents to develop strategies for learning in the home.  Teachers can provide strategies related to structured learning.