Optional Laptop Insurance Program

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    Effective September 15, 2021, FUSD allows students/parents to participate in the FUSD 1:1 Technology Initiative program without a mandatory fee. Instead, all students will have free access to a district laptop, and students/parents will be held responsible for any damage to the device.

    As part of the FUSD 1:1 Technology Initiative, a parent/guardian has the option to enroll in FUSD’s Laptop Insurance Program. Enrollment in the program is optional and minimizes the potential repair and/or replacement costs associated with the device. By selecting this program, a parent/guardian agrees to pay an annual fee of $50 to be enrolled in the Laptop Insurance Program. If a device becomes damaged, the student will take it to the school’s Service Center for assessment and repair. If the device is stolen while at school, the incident must be reported by the student to their teacher or front office within 24 hours. If the device is stolen outside of school, a parent/guardian must file a police report within 48 hours. A copy of the report must be turned into the school principal. Enrollment in the Laptop Insurance Program does not begin until the annual $50 payment has been received.

    The $50 Laptop Insurance Program is non-refundable, and it must be purchased each school year.

What Is Covered Under The Program?

    • Accidental damage, such as cracked screens or cases, broken keyboards,
    • Battery replacement (if it is determined that the battery is malfunctioning)
    • Replacement of stolen If the device is stolen, a police report must be filed within 48 hours. A copy of the report must be sent to the school’s front office.
    • Hardware issues (video cable, broken ports, speakers)

Visual Cost Breakdown Of Each Option

Optional Laptop Insurance Program Online Payment Instructions

  • For your convenience, Florence Unified School District offers a free and secure electronic system for the payment of your Laptop Insurance Fee.

    Visit the FUSD Student Payment Portal >

    • If you have already linked your ParentVue account to the payment portal
      • Login using your existing credentials
      • Select your student’s name under “Who are you shopping for?”
      • Select the following options:
        • Items at all Schools
        • District Office (School Type)
        • District Office (School)
        • Laptop Insurance (Categories)
      • Select the item and proceed to checkout

    • If you HAVE NOT linked your ParentVue account
      • Choose the “Click here to set your password” button at the top of the page
      • Enter the e-mail address you provided in your registration packet
      • Click Search
      • Check your email for instructions on finalizing your account
      • Follow above instructions for payment

    For payment related questions contact Savanaha Te’o at 520-866-3533 or steo@fusdaz.org