• Algebra I ⇨ Geometry ⇨ Algebra II ⇨ Trigonometry or Statistics ⇨ Personal Finance (for seniors only)

    If you took Algebra I in 7th or 8th grade and passed the course then you may take the following path:
    Honors Geometry ⇨ Honors Algebra II ⇨ Honors Pre-Calculus ⇨ AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics ⇨ AP Calculus BC

    Algebra I ⇉ Physical Science

    Geometry ⇉ Biology

    Algebra II ⇉ Chemistry, or Earth Science, or Environmental Science, or Anatomy & Physiology
    Honors Geometry ⇉ Honors Biology

    Honors Algebra II ⇉ Honors Chemistry

    Honors Pre-Calculus ⇉ Honors Biotech I, or Honors Biotech II, or AP Chemistry, or AP Biology, or AP Physics, or Honors Forensics
    (you may also opt to take Anatomy & Physiology, or Environmental Science)

    ****Please note that all honors courses need to be approved by your current science teacher or the science teacher of the class that you will be taking. Your form must have a signature on it in order to be placed in that class.****