Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC)

    The Kitty Hawk Air Society is a national AFJROTC academic honor society that recognizes academic and military achievement by cadets, provides additional leadership/educational opportunities, and encourages excellence. Members of KHAS, once inducted, will wear the KHAS badge on the uniform. KHAS members are also authorized to wear the gold KHAS shoulder cord.

    To qualify for the KHAS one must attain academic excellence in AFJROTC and in overall academic studies, exhibit good character traits, and be willing to accept responsibility. Specific requirements are as follows: 

    Qualified cadets are invited to participate in a “pledge” program to demonstrate their commitment to excellence. Cadets who are selected for the KHAS and successfully complete the pledge program will be inducted at an appropriate ceremony, where they will receive the membership badge and shoulder cord. 

    The KHAS may be called upon to participate in various extracurricular activities. Cadets are expected to attend meetings, actively participate in designated projects, and contribute positively to the KHAS and AFJROTC.  

    For more information please contact Major John Napier at: