PBIS Announcements

  • Magma Ranch Wins PBISaz Awards

    Magma Ranch K-8 School is proud to announce that we have received the following PBIS achievement awards:

    2014-2015 Merit PBISaz Achievement Award for initial PBIS implementation.

    2015-2016 Bronze PBISaz Achievement Award for demonstrating high fidelity PBIS implementation and student outcomes.

    "PBIS has had a positive impact on our school's campus. The environment at Magma Ranch is very welcoming and friendly. Our students take pride in following expectations and being rewarded for positive behavior. PBIS is a proactive strategy to create and maintain a positive learning environment so that students can experience academic success. Our goal as a school is to decrease the number of office referrals, increase instructional time for our students, and maintain a positive climate."​