Vision & Values

  • During the 2017-2018 school year, students, parents, and staff participated in a process of defining a vision of what the San Tan Foothills High School community should be. The Vision and Values that resulted from this process articulate the goal of what it is we hope to become as a school community. Our Vision and Values are reflected in a series of collective commitments from staff, students, and parents. It is our vision for the future.

  • Faculty Collective Commitments

    STFHS Mission Statement: "To motivate, inspire, and encourage greatness in every student, everyday."

    To be “ A Place For Greatness, we will…”

Focus On Learning

  • 1. We will make use of PLC time to study data to determine effectiveness of instructional strategies and to adjust practices as needed through reteach and enrichment.

    2. We will utilize varied teaching techniques to increase student engagement, including Kagan structures, to improve student learning and implement bell-to-bell instruction.

    3. We will encourage and celebrate school-wide successes through public and private recognition.

    4.  We will create a culture of greatness by implementing interventions to prevent failure and promote success for all students and teachers.

    5. We will motivate students by providing clear objectives and instructional goals so that purpose for learning is clear, relevant, and achievable.

Collaborative Culture

  • 1.We will support each other by working together and giving constructive feedback.

    2. We will encourage each other by sharing ideas and creatively solving issues as a team.

    3. We will create norms that will foster a safe environment to establish and continuously build trust.

    4. We will continuously seek out and be open to new and proven methodologies.

    5. We will commit to our PLC’s to focus on student learning and growth.

Student Engagement

  • 1.  We will ensure student engagement through Kagan strategies that promote active lessons.

    2. We will ensure student engagement through providing safe classroom environments that promote positive peer dependence and collaboration.

    3. We will ensure student engagement by promoting a student led classroom through student choice and student interests

    4. We will ensure student engagement through the use of effective and relevant questioning and inquiry based practices that promote a culture of of continual learning

    5. We will ensure student engagement through the use of structures that provide equal opportunities for all students to learn.

Results Oriented

  • 1.   We will design our lessons with the answer to the question “What do we want our students to learn?”

    2. We will use data to drive instruction and form reteach and enrichment groups. “How do we respond when students don’t learn?”

    3. We will be transparent with all stakeholders as to what the learning objective is, how that will be assessed and why that objective is important.

    4. We will identify areas of weaknesses and respond with interventions.

    5. We will celebrate successes.

Positive Relationships

  • 1.  We will...foster positive relationships with staff and students through encouraging mutual respect, kindness, and a friendly atmosphere.

    2.We will never assume but investigate with an open mind.

    3.We will collaborate and build relationships through PLC and Kagan structures.

    4.We will be and remind each other to be grateful for being here.

    5.We will support students by being present and involved not only academically but also in athletics, extracurriculars, work experience, community events and other individual endeavors.


  • 1.  We will provide consistent communication by returning phone calls/emails in a timely manner while maintaining confidentiality.

    2.  We will be responsible by following school policy.

    3.  We will demonstrate integrity by maintaining a professional  courtesy though a positive attitude.

    4.  We will collaborate effectively by participating in PLCs.

    5. We will lead by example.