FUSD Internet Opportunity (I/O) Zones

  • Participation in the Internet Opportunity Zones (I/O Zones) will continue for high school students.

    • High School students are able to sign up for the week of February 8th through the 12th.

    You must CLICK HERE to register.


    • No transportation will be provided
    • No in-person instruction from teachers is provided
    • Students are expected to log into Google Classroom for their scheduled instruction during regular school hours
    • Student must bring a fully charged computer and headphones each day
    • Students must know their login information
    • Student should bring their school supplies as needed
    • There is no recess or organized activities
    • Breakfast and lunch will be available at all schools. CLICK HERE to view the schedule.
    • Student must remain at their learning station during school hours unless using the restroom
    • Students are required to wear face masks
    • Students will be socially distanced during their time on school campus
    • Wednesday’s will continue to follow the Early Release schedule
    • Students must arrive and be picked up on time in order to maintain their eligibility for the program
    • Parents must complete the Consent form. 
    • Parents must sign up weekly.  Registration will open each Monday and close each Thursday the week prior.


  • Each student will be required to bring in their FUSD issued Chromebook or their own personal device to access the internet. There will be no devices available on site for students. Students will be required to bring earbuds or headphones and must bring their device fully charged. ALL PHONES need to remain away to respect the learning space of all students in attendance.

Behavioral Expectations

  • All students who attend an I/O Zone session will follow strict behavioral guidelines listed below. Non-compliance with the expectations will result in removal of the option to attend any further sessions. ALL school rules currently apply as listed in the student handbook and code of conduct.

Conduct Violations

  • 1st Violation:  verbal warning and reinforcement of the expectations
    2nd violation:  written warning to parent/guardian
    3rd violation:  temporary suspension from the I/O Zone for a maximum of 3 days
    4th violation:  permanent removal from the I/O Zone for the remainder of the quarter.

    *students will be able to resume attendance in the next academic quarter. However, a 5th violation will result in permanent removal from the program for the remainder of the school year.
    **removal means removal from ALL school sites and I/O Zones.


  • Eligibility for the I/O Zone will be on an individual needs basis. Students who lack the internet at home will be given priority in addition to students who fall into the following categories: free and reduced meals, special education, English Language Learners, students in Foster or DCS care.  Advanced scheduling will be required for each week. The form to register will be located on each school’s website, or you can CLICK HERE now to register.  The number of students present for the I/O Zone should not exceed the recommended physical distancing and mitigation strategies, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If there is no availability at a student’s home school site, they may choose other sites if space is available.


  • Each I/O Zone will follow the schedule listed below. Students will be allowed on campus ONLY during normal operating hours. Wednesday’s will remain an early release day as will the I/O Zone. The I/O Zone will not operate on non-school days or during regularly scheduled holidays.  Each child must arrive prior to the start of the I/O Zone based upon the schedule.
    8:00am - 3:00pm  M, T, Th, F
    8:00am - 12:45pm W

I/O Zone FAQ

  • Will there be teachers on site to provide instruction to my child?
    No. Although there may be teachers teaching from the school site in their respective classrooms, there will be no in-person direct instruction. Students will continue to learn by using their Google Classroom and Google Meets apps to connect with their classroom teachers.

    What if my child needs tutoring or support?
    There will be classified staff on site to provide some assistance when students need help. However, they will not be teachers or content experts. If you child needs more support with instruction please contact the classroom teacher directly.

    Will my child be able to eat lunch at the school?
    Yes. Breakfast and Lunch will be available to all students who attend the onsite Internet Opportunity Zone.

    What if my child needs special education services?
    No onsite direct instruction will be occurring during this time. Some services to students may be available but please contact your service coordinator if you have questions.

    Will my child be required to wear a mask?
    Yes. Per the Governor’s Executive Order, all students and staff are now required to wear a cloth face covering while at school. This will be required for attendance at the Internet Opportunity Zone.

    Do I really have to sign up each week?
    Yes. It is important for the schools to know how many children will be coming on site to ensure proper staffing and adherence to CDC guidelines for social distancing.