• Personal Supplies:

    1 pair of child headphones (used for multiple programs in class)
    Reusable water bottle
    1 box of 24 crayons
    12 Glue Sticks
    2 solid-colored 3-prong folders
    1 Primary Composition Notebook (see pics below; available at nearby stores like Walmart)
    1 pair of child scissors
    1 pack of THICK pencils
    1 pack of dry erase markers
    1 playdough
    1 pair of Child Headphones
    1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    Large Paper Plates
    1 paper towel roll
    Ziploc bags: Sandwich/Quart/Gallon
    Clorox Wipes OR Clorox Spray Cleaner
    Extra pair of clothes (in Ziploc bag)

    Kinder: Primary composition notebook example