Building Champions of Today and Tomorrow

    Our mission is to prepare our students for the future, to flourish in our ever-changing global society by grounding them in our traditions while integrating technology into learning experiences that promote readiness for college, careers, and a successful life.

    FHS will honor the traditions of the past, build a strong community, integrate technology, and foster independence to solve challenges as they arise. A professional and highly motivated staff, in partnership with parents and families, will encourage each child to achieve his or her full potential in preparation for career and college readiness.

    Every student will be required to frequently demonstrate the ability to think critically by: Analyzing, Evaluating or Problem Solving in all of their classes.  

Academic Letter Program

  • The Academic Letter Program is designed to recognize Florence High School high-honors students and provide these students with the opportunity to letter academically.  To qualify for an Academic Letter, a student must complete 3 consecutive semesters of high school which meet the following standards:

    • 10th graders who have earned a 4.00 cumulative weighted GPA
    • 11th graders who have earned a 3.90 cumulative weighted GPA
    • 12th graders who have earned a 3.85 cumulative weighted GPA
    •  At least two classes taken must be honors, or IB, level classes.

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Literacy/Language Arts

  • At Florence High School, the curriculum is designed to cover culture, world literature, American literature, and British Literature while meeting Arizona’s English Language Arts Standards throughout grades 9-12. The state standards work together in a clear progression from year to year, building on what was previously learned toward the standard that comes at the next grade level. Some standards appear to have similar wording at multiple grade levels. However, it is understood that they are to be applied with increased focus to progressively more challenging texts and tasks.

    The English 9 curriculum is designed to develop advanced language, literature and analysis skills. Students at this level are expected to display higher level thinking skills and advanced analytic skills in both reading and writing. English 10 covers culture and world literature and emphasizes organizing, developing, editing and revising compositions. Literature studies introduce literary terminology, critical and analytical reading and appreciation of literature. English 11 offers an integrated program of writing and literature, focusing on the study of American Literature and persuasive/argumentative writing. English 12 integrates writing for a variety of purposes and audiences with literature study. Writing includes a focus on “real world” skills, including expository, communication, research and analysis.

    Optional honors courses are offered for English 9 and 10, IB English is offered in grades 11 and 12, and English 101/102 is offered at the 12th grade level.

Fine Arts

  • The Arts – Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts – are essential components of a complete and well-rounded education. Through the Arts, we develop enduring historical and cultural understandings of ourselves and the world around us. A balanced, comprehensive, and sequential program of study in the Arts allows our students to learn and practice 21st-Century skills and behaviors that foster critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creative problem solving. The Arts seamlessly integrate with other disciplines and subject areas to create engaging and rigorous learning opportunities for all students. Instruction in the Arts builds discipline, enhances self-esteem, inspires creativity, fosters linguistic, numeric, and aesthetic literacy, and encourages students to make and achieve personal and academic goals. (Credit to http://www.azed.gov/artseducation)

Exceptional Student Services (ESS)

  • Our mission in the ESS department is to provide quality instruction and support that empowers all students, regardless of ability, to experience academic success, form positive relationships, and become contributing members of society. At FHS we have a life skills classroom, co-taught classrooms, learning lab classrooms, paraprofessionals, and a Transition from School to Work Program.


  • The Science Department offers courses which introduce students to the concepts, laws, and processes of life and physical sciences. All Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses utilize laboratory and field technique skills in order to obtain data leading to meaningful scientific experiences of the hands-on nature in which students are doing science, allowing for a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.


  • Through the use of the Eureka math curriculum, students will practice and perfect the 8 Standards of Mathematics as defined by the Common Core State Standards. Students will apply these standards throughout their mathematical careers in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. As students reach their final years in math, they will apply their prior knowledge to extend their mathematical understanding at the higher level math courses. Through engaging and rigorous instruction, students will become confident in critical thinking and problem solving. Through hands-on activities and student-centered instruction, students will learn how to persevere and make sense of mathematical problems. Mistakes made by students throughout the curriculum will be used to build understanding and growth in math. Teachers model real world application of the mathematics curriculum to spark and maintain student motivation and interest. Teachers will help students overcome the "I'm not a math person" mentality.

Air Force JROTC

  • Welcome to Poston Butte High School’s Air Force JROTC!  If you are a student at Florence High School, you can enroll in JROTC at PBHS. Our unit has a crosstown agreement with FHS which allows students to enroll into Air Force JROTC.  The mission of AFJROTC is to "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community." AFJROTC is not an Air Force accessions program and cadets are never under any obligation to join the military. AFJROTC is a citizenship training program that is designed to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship, promote community service, instill personal responsibility, character, and self-discipline. The program achieves this through classroom education in air and space fundamentals as well as hands-on learning during several fun and challenging activities.

Social Studies

  • The Social Studies Department Curriculum is designed to introduce students to three major content areas: World History, United States History, and the principles of American government and economics. The goal of these courses is to instill a sense of responsible citizenship and the student’s place within the narrative of national history and his or her place within the global community. The Social Studies Department offers electives in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. For students who desire a more challenging curriculum, the Department offers World History at the Honors level, United States History at the Advanced Placement level, and History as part of the International Baccalaureate program. Students in the first year of IB History explore world history using the AP World History curriculum and in their second year engage in an exploration of the history of both North and South America. The Department's teachers are talented, engaged, and passionate about their academic areas, and are committed to their students and their success both at Florence High School and beyond.

World Language

  • The World Language department has the following 4 curriculum standards.
    * Connections - Connect with other disciplines and acquire information.
    * Comparisons - Develop insight into the nature of language and culture.
    * Communities - Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.
    * Cultures - Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

Physical Education/Health

  • The PE/Health course will focus on students having the ability to learn how to maintain a level of physical fitness for their health and performance while understanding and demonstrating the knowledge of the fitness concepts and strategies.  Students will also be able to create personal fitness goals, make independent decisions concerning their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.  This course also encourages students to discover their own personal abilities and responsibilities in order to understand the pattern of behavior that promotes a healthy and satisfying life.