PBIS Overiew

  • Florence K8 PBIS logo   Gopher PAWSitives is a school wide program based on the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework. Staff, parents and boardmembers have worked closely toghether to develop Florence Gophers which match the principles of PBIS in a way that fits the goals, mission and culture of Florence K8. PBIS has been proven to improve school climate, reduce problem behavior, and increase academic instructional time in schools (for additional information click here). Two Primary areas of emphasis in PBIS are prevention and instruction of social behavior. PBIS is based on the idea that when students are taught clearly defined behavioral expectations and provided with predictable responses to their behavior, both positive and corrective, all students are more likely to meet those expectations. This is not a curriculum, but a decision making framework that guides the school in offering high quality, evidence based academic and behavior support to all students.