Employee Resources

  • Here in the FUSD Resource Center, you will find several areas (based on your permissions). The first area is our Resources on Google(explained below), External Links, Resources and Sites, and Document collection down below. All members of FUSD staff have permissions to view any items that are in External Links, Resources, and Sites.

    The Resources on Google are full private sites that are designed for specific users to collaborate with use of items beyond just a document center...such as a calendar, task list, etc. All members of FUSD staff have access to a few of these sites (IE: Anti-Bullying, Curriculum, NTA, Professional Development, District Phone Roster, and Technology). Check with the head of your department or the organizer of your project to see if there is a private site that you should be apart of and either has them add you to that site or contact us and we can add you to said site.