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  • How will the school or district notify us if our children have had direct exposure to COVID-19?
    The school and/or district will contact parents/guardians if we become aware of any direct or in-direct COVID-19 exposure to students. Please note that HIPAA, FERPA, and ADA regulations limit the details we can provide. Following state and local health agency guidelines, any student or staff member with direct exposure is required to quarantine, per CDC guidelines.

    How is direct and in-direct contact defined?
    Direct contact is defined as being within 6’ of someone who has tested positive for 15 minutes (consecutively) or longer, with or without a mask. Indirect contact is defined as being within 6’ of someone who has tested positive for less than 10 minutes (we are also notifying those that were in the same classroom, regardless of how close). These guidelines are defined by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

    Who needs to quarantine?

    Only those who are in close contact (within 6 ft for 15 min or more with no mitigation) with a confirmed case will need to quarantine.

    Who determines which individuals need to quarantine?
    The County Health Department will advise schools on which students or staff will need to follow quarantine procedures

    Do siblings or others in the household of someone who is quarantining also have to quarantine?
    No. Only those individuals who have had exposure and close contact with a confirmed case have to quarantine. Again, the County Health Department case investigators will provide us guidance on who needs to quarantine.

    Will every family be notified when there is a positive case at school?
    No. The school will make DIRECT contact with those students and staff who must quarantine based upon guidance from Pinal County Health Department. All confirmed active cases will be updated and viewable by school on our website.


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