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Principal's Update On The Upcoming School Year

  • Dear Partners Preschool Parents and Guardians,

    We understand that sending your child to preschool is an important decision, and we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide a quality education in the best possible way.

    For the 23-24 school year, we are changing our program to a three-day model. This applies to our Early Childhood Learning Center in Johnson Ranch and our Mountain Vista Academy in the San Tan Heights Community.  Partners Preschool Community Sites housed at K-8 campuses (CCR, MR & STH) are not affected, nor is Building Blocks Daycare & Preschool in Florence.

    Research and experience have shown that preschoolers perform better when they attend school three days a week. A three-day schedule provides the right balance between an appropriate education and an opportunity for the child to rest and spend time with their loved ones. Children who attend class for a full week tend to be overwhelmed and are susceptible to burnout. As preschool is often a young child’s first formal educational experience, the schedule must be balanced with developmentally appropriate practice and their physical and emotional well-being.

    Moreover, a 2.5 hour, three-day-a-week schedule allows for flexibility in learning. Our educators can provide a varied curriculum that is better suited for your child’s age group, cognitive ability, and social and linguistic backgrounds. We can enrich, your child’s education by introducing new and advanced concepts when they’re ready, rather than forcing them to learn beyond their capability.  Due to the growth in our program, we will also be able to add an additional class session using the three-day model, to allow for smaller class sizes.

    Additionally, a three-day schedule minimizes the risk of illnesses like colds, flu, and other infections caused by close proximity. By attending classes three days per week, your child has ample time to recover from potential illnesses or to seek medical attention for those ailments which can impact their learning.

    In short, we firmly believe that a three-day-a-week schedule is the best option for your child’s educational and emotional growth. We thank you for your trust in us and hope that you and your family enjoy a positive experience here at our preschool.

    Christine Burnett, M.Ed.
    Partners Preschool Principal 

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Our Vision & Philosophy

  • Our goal at FUSD is to provide quality programming that fosters each child’s social and cognitive development, communication, and physical health in a safe and supportive, nurturing environment.  This is achieved through good care and instruction that incorporates materials and interactions that provide a variety of learning opportunities that are both developmentally and individually appropriate and help each child reach their full potential.

    The developmental preschool provides services to special needs students identified through Child-Find.

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  • Just a reminder, if your child is attending our Developmental Preschool program (receiving special education services at MVA or the ECLC), you must register/re-register them at www.fusdaz.com/enroll before they are able to attend with us in July. **Their registration does not automatically roll over from this year.**

    If you have older children in the district, you will use your same login and add your preschooler.

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