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New Governing Board Members

(pictured left-to-right in opening image: Tammy Quist, President, and Roger Biede, Vice-President)

Governing Board Vice President, Sherri Jones called the Tuesday, January 10, 2023 Governing School Board Meeting to order in the Florence Unified School District’s auditorium. As she began the meeting, the first order of business was to elect a new Governing Board President and Vice-President for 2023.

Governing Board Member, Roger Biede nominated Tammy Quist to serve as President and Sherri Jones seconded the motion. The board voted 4-1 to elect Tammy Quist as the new Governing Board President.

Tammy Quist then nominated Roger Biede as Vice-President. Once again, Sherri Jones seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in Roger’s favor.

During the Governing Board Members report, Tammy Quist stated that she is looking forward to her new role as Governing Board President and is eager to advocate for the students and families of the district.

Superintendent, Mr. Chris Knutsen’s Quote: As we begin 2023, I am eager to collaborate, strategize and ascertain the best ways to compliment and support the district’s strategic plan with the new Governing Board members and especially our new Governing Board President and Vice-President. FUSD is grateful for their commitment to our students and families.

2023 Florence Unified School District Governing Board:

Tammy Quist, President

Roger Biede, Vice-President

Jeffrey Carr, Board Member

Sherri Jones, Board Member

Megan Weagant, Board Member