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Anthem needs your help to fill the bin!

Anthem K-8 needs your help to fill the bin!!!

Our goal is to fill the bin a minimum of twice per month. Please help support our recycling efforts by bringing all of your household paper recycling to the green & yellow Paper Retriever bin at the front of Anthem K-8 School.  The more we collect each month the more money we earn.

The bin accepts ALL: Newspapers & inserts, Magazines, Catalogs, Phone books Paper back books, White & colored writing paper, Clean paper bags, Computer paper, Direct (junk) mail, Shredded paper (place in a tied plastic grocery bag or paper bag), Corrugated cardboard, Cereal boxes, Detergent boxes, Soda 6 & 12 pack boxes, Paper towel & toilet paper rolls, Dry food boxes, Medicine boxes  

Boxes MUST be broken down.  Large boxes from appliances must be cut up into smaller sizes to avoid plugging the bin.  

* Please No boxes with food waste (pizza boxes), wrapping, tissue or carbon paper *